“Having reached a ripe-old age without ever having anyone, other than myself do my make-up, I was preparing for a commercial photoshoot for my website and was advised I should seek out a make-up artist to help me put my best face forward.
I was very fortunate to be introduced to Vanessa. I say ‘fortunate’ because this was not an experience I was thrilled to be undertaking—engaging the services of a makeup professional and having my makeup done seemed to me to be self-indulgence and not something I would usually do for myself, probably a generational thing. I should not have worried, Vanessa was the ultimate professional, a skilled artist with an incredible ‘aura’ which put me totally at ease. There was something unique in the way Vanessa went about her craft that made me feel special and glowing throughout the process, even before I looked in the mirror to see the final result. Needless to say the ‘result’ was amazing but, more importantly, the process was fun, rewarding and gave me the confidence boost that I needed.
One word of caution if you do engage Vanessa—if you’re lucky, you will end up with a ‘new friend’ to add to your circle of special people in your life!”


Angie Mardon | Business Advisor & Networking Specialist | Engine Room Hub