“A perfect birthday gift for my 11 year old daughter (and picked up some great tips for myself too during the makeup sesson!) Vanessa, gave excellent advice on how to take care of young skin and what was age appropriate makeup. I loved how Vanessa talked my daughter through each step, demonstrating each time, then allowing my daughter to try by learing to do it herself – it was so much fun for her. Lovely mirrored lights added to the fun vibe. We loved the way Vanessa showed my daughter how to add some sparkle on the eyes for a special occasion, with what to put, where. We talked brands of blush, lip glosses and all things make up/skin care from the inexpensive to more… Vanessa worked with the make up and products my daughter owned already, showing her ideal combinations of colours and talked us through her recommendations on age appropriate make up. I was very impressed also, with hygiene – using disposable applicators where needed. A fabulous experience, a very special treat and an ideal opportunity to gain insight from Vanessa’s knowledge of how to look after your skin and do your make up! I’d like to have the session all over again, except for myself this time! Highly recommended.”

Jane & Freya Darlington