“I had wanted to do a hands on makeup course for some time and finally had the opportunity to actually do it – so who do you choose? Funnily enough what should appear on my Facebook page, a friend sharing a story about Vanessa doing a makeup class for a charity event.
I thought that’s a good starting point so I contacted Vanessa. I was impressed that I was asked what I wanted to achieve from the makeup session i.e. what were my concerns; what was I confident and not confident in doing; if I was happy to apply my makeup myself during the session or wanted (her) Vanessa to do it. All valid questions for me and I did book a 2.5 hour makeup session where Vanessa came to my home. I had a wonderful One on One morning where Vanessa shared many helpful tips. The morning started with coffee and cake and then down to business were we went through the make up I had. Vanessa suggested which ones she would use on me i.e. best foundation shade; which makeup brushes to use for best results; best concealer for dark circles (a definite big concern of mine); eye colours to experiment with; best colours for my skin-tone i.e. for blush, lipstick and lip liners, eye liners & mascara. Then the fun began with me applying my own makeup while being encouraged and guided by Vanessa with better, easier tips and techniques.

I was absolutely wrapped with the final result and have been able to use what I’ve learnt confidently. I am happy to recommend Vanessa for any makeup requirements, be it for a special occasion, or as I did as a makeup session.”

Maria Balcatta